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The Maranatha big game fishing team welcomes you to Mauritius, one of the best fishing spot in the world, where professional and amateur enjoy themselves in their preferred passion, sport fishing.

Even if it is for the first or the tenth time fishing along the west coast of the island is and will always be a moment of pure pleasure.You will find fishes such as the Skipjack tunas, makerels, yellow fine tunas, barracudas, Dorados, sailfish, blue and black marlins, a wide varieties of sharks and other fish species.

In this idyllic setting, The Maranatha and his team of passionate, dynamic and experienced fishermen invites you to taste the flavors of sport fishing. Whether you are a beginner, with family, friends or have fished all over the world, we assure you, that you will have a great time.

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fishing mauritius

Maranatha also offers other exciting activities. Admire the dolphins performing acrobatic jumps in the Bay of Tamarin and snorkeling near the beautiful coral reefs along the coast.

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