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Big Game Fishing

The Maranatha invites you for a big game fishing adventure off the  mauritian coast, where the fish is in abundance throughout the year.  Fishing usually begins between 6 a.m and 8 a.m.You will be transferred from the beach to the fishing boat on a small boat and then we will head to the entrance.

Just 5 minutes outside the lagoon fishing can begin.The lines are put in the water with lures of different colors and sizes and the brakes of the reels are set. From that moment the fishing can begin and at any time you can get a strike.

The techniques used

Trolling with artificial lures

When trolling with artificial lures we sail at a speed of 6 to 8 knots in search of schools of tuna or bonito that we are able to detect by the presence of sea birds.At the same time we travel along the different lines marking underwater changing depth where warm current graze colder currents from the south. Using this techniques we can catch various fish like bonitoes, tunas, wahoos, doradoes and marlins.

Fishing with life bait

We also troll using live bait. This technique is used mainly for marlin fishing, but we can also catch sharks and dog-tooth tuna by using this same method. This technique consist of trolling with one or two live bonito or young tuna at a speed of 1 knot, this permits the fish to swim freely in the back. For this technique we use one or two 130 lbs reel. Fishing with live bait is an art in itself and requires a certain professionalism on the fisherman part.Because he has to be very precise on the timing when hooking the fish.

Fishing with Rapala

This technique is mainly used to catch wahoo, barracuda and Dogtooth and Yellow fine tuna.

Fishing Options

TripsTrips duration
Half Day5 hrs (7:00 - 12:00)
Afternoon4 hrs (13:00 - 17:00)
Full Day8 hrs (07:00 - 15:00)
Full Day Plus10 hrs (07:00 - 17:00)

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